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Add On's


Removes Keratinized dead skin instantly as well as "Hard to manage" light hair. We believe it's best when added to our European Facial.

Microcurrent Treatment

Works by sending electrical impulses through the muscles. It essentially "works out" the muscles in your face allowing protein and ATP production to increase. The purpose is to energize the face creating more lift and tonality. Remember ATP triggers elastin collagen which assists in repair of damaged skin cells.

Eye TX

Anti-oxidants work while healing, restoring and hydrating the tired thin skin around your eyes leaving it lifted and revitalized.


A deep pore cleansing facial with the use of a Diamond tip wand which removes more of the damaged epidermal layer and clears out clogged pores. Supports elasticity, strength, blood supply, metabolism of cells, removal of blackheads, and overall smooths the texture of skin.

Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy

Compliments many services and improves the results. Reduces recovery time from microneedling. The LED we offer is 5 Joules/cm2 with effective penetration and results. The rejuvenating effects actually "feed" the skin with the energy it needs most. Helps to reduce breakouts, balance oil production, lighten pigmentation, calms and reduces redness, aids in cell regeneration and repair, and increases firmness to the skin

Lymphatic Therapy

Helps to support a contoured and sculpted look by removing unwanted build-up. It optimizes skin health and decreases puffiness leaving your skin brighter and firmer. 



Pro-Peel 4 Layer Treatment






Lactic Acid



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TCA Peel

Vitamin A


Vitamin C

*Add On's & peels can be added on to most services for an additional cost.

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